Week 13: Artist Interview- Tyler Turett

imageThis week I got the chance to see a new type of art, animation. Tyler is completing his last semester at Cal State Long Beach, as an animations major of course. He uses photo shop and after affects to being his prices to life.

Animation is a different type of art. I would not say it is simpler than the rest, but I would say that like other arts, paints and ceramics aren’t used which can be more doable for most. My best friends brother is an animations major and I have always seen him draw and it’s very fascinating to me.

Animation takes a lot of work and dedication because the process is very tedious. Overall I really enjoyed the art because I can relate and I think that the art is awesome.


Week 13: Student Interview- Bryan Hernandez

This week, I interviewed imageBryan Hernandez. I learned that he went to the same high school as me and I had no idea! What a small world, I have met yet another classmate that went to Warren High School! He lives in Downey, just like me.

He is 19 years young and this is his second year here at Cal State Long Beach. He is studying business management. During his free time, he enjoys hanging out with his friends, listening to music or watching movies. He always likes being outdoors, so he enjoys camping and hiking. His favorite color is blue and his favorite food is Italian. Follow him on WordPress, bryanhernandez.wordpress.com

Week 12: Activity- E portfolio

imageFor our final activity, we had to customize our website and make it look nice. I chose the snowy mountains. I did this because I love the snow, I never went as a little girl, and when i went for the first time when I was 13, I loved it. I went with my family and I will never forget the amazing experience I had.

I was up in the mountains, without service, I enjoyed not being attached to my phone. I would go outside and smell the fresh air, with a cool breeze. I enjoy everything about the snowy mountains. I love nature because it is amazing and can free your mind from anything.

Week 12: Artist Interview- Christopher Michael Linquata

image image imageThis week at the galleries I saw some amazing figurative art work that I have never seen before. His artwork really stands out from the rest. Chris is a religious icon painter. When he came to Cal State Long Beach, he decided to change painting styles. He is married and is 38 years old and this was his very last show.

To make this show, it took 10 months. He usually works on two pieces at a time. He begins by drawing, once he is done drawing, he then begins to paint. He uses acrylics paint for all his paintings. He explained to us that it takes a lot of thinking while he is drawing. The biggest challenge he faces is making the people blend in with the background so that they do not look like glued on figures.

Most of his inspiration is based off religious views.For example, he has a painting of drunken people asleep. He explained to us that it referred to the drunken people being like Jesus’ saints. All of his painting takes places in the Garden of San Pedro. Many of his paintings took place in Sunken City. He likes painting there because the atmosphere is so calm and peaceful. Chris is a very talented painter and is paintings really left me in awe.

Many of his paintings that were in sunken city were very cool to see because I have been there and it was cool to see how everything in the painting looked the same as it does in person.

Week 12: Student Interview- Filimon Soltero

imageThis week, I interviewed another one of my classmates, Filimon. He is a very outgoing individual, and is very easy to approach. He is a third year here at Cal State Long Beach and is majoring in health care administration. His dream job is to manage the business side of a hospital.

I already knew Filimon, because I had him my freshman year in my communications class. He enjoys playing and watching soccer. He enjoys hanging out with his friends and most importantly, his family. His favorite food is Mexican food, he loves tacos and of course, burritos. When asked the question of the week he said that the color that calms him is a light blue color as opposed to a bright red that activates him and makes him more alert. To read more about Filimon, follow his website is filimon.soltero.com

Week 11: Activity- Fiber Art

image imageThis week, we experimented with fiber art. It is something that is very hands on, and something I had not heard of. I really had no idea what to do. As I was in my room looking at my jewelry, alight bulb lite up in my head. I though to myself, I have so many tangled necklaces, why not hang them?

So, I decided to be resourceful, some may call it ‘tacky’ but I think its great. Now, of course, as time goes by, I will buy the proper supplies needed to make this really work. This is my first draft in the making. I got a key chain ring and used really strong string, it is a little different than sewing string. I then needed a stick, instead of using a pencil, I used a long rubber eraser. I used it because I liked the colors. I soon realized it will not work out because it is rubber and will bend with the weight of my necklaces. I then began to hang my light necklaces and hung it on my wall!

I of course, did not get the results I expected because I would like to hang more necklaces, therefore, I need a sturdy stick to do so. I will keep the white string because I like how it blends in with the wall. Before doing this, I would have never seen this activity as a form of art. Now that I see it hanging on my wall, I look at it and am very proud of my artwork!

Week 11: Artist Interview- Kathy Yoon

image image image imageThis week at the art galleries, I chose Kathy’s art work. As i was walking around taking pictures of her artwork, I got a sense of variety emotions. I was looking forward to interviewing her to know her inspiration. Kathy transferred from Cypress College, she is now on her last semester here at Cal State Long Beach, and is majoring in ceramics. She would like to work in an animation studio designing different characters.

Her main inspiration comes from her inner emotions. As I read her typed paper on the wall in the gallery, I sensed a lot of emotion. She cussed and used strong words to express herself, I sensed she was angry and sent a powerful message. Kathy creates little characters, she was inspired by Tim Burton, so her pieces have a hint of creepiness to them.

Each piece has a different message. There as one character that was cradling their heart, made our of yearn, I felt that they were protecting their heart with all their might, before I fell in love, that’s exactly what i did. As i physically could not cradle my heart that way, I still related to that piece. Another interesting one was, one character had their head between their heads, almost doing a summer salt. That can mean many different things to people. For me, it meant confusion. another one that I can relate to, they had their head leaned against the wall. Often times, that is exactly what I want to do. lean my head against the wall when I feel like all else has failed.

Her art work is made up mainly of ceramics and yarn. Each piece normally takes between 2-3 weeks. The process goes from coiling clay, to putting it into a kilt of 2,000 degrees to bake, almost like baking a cookie, except hotter. She explained to us that it takes a lot of balancing and technical work for each piece. Overall, her artwork was amazing, she has a lot of emotion in which she express through her art, and I feel that it is very alienating to her. Follow her instagram; kathy.c.yoon

Week 11: Student Interview- Velen Garcia

imageThis week I met yet another awesome classmate, Velen. She is a third year at Cal State Long Beach. Her major is Sociology and she is minoring in women studies. I asked her what she wanted to do with her major and she knows she wants to focus in an area with domestic violence, which is why she is also minoring in women’s studies, to get better depth in that area. For the most part, she said that she was going to see what the future brings, in hopes of landing her a career when she graduates from Cal State Long Beach. During her free time, she likes to she enjoys hiking, she enjoys going to Palos Verdes and hiking up to the Hollywood Sign. Her favorite food is sushi and favorite color is pink…like me! In regards to tattoos, she believes they are a form of art because some pieces can be very creative and meaningful to someone. Follow her on WordPress to see more of her velennnn.wordpress.com

Week 10: Artist Interview- Matthew Dumpit

This week at the galleries, this particular artist stood out. Matthew Dumpit creates art work like I had never really seen before. He is a senior here at Long Beach. His art is really neat and clean cut. All his work is made out of metal and wire. He likes that he is able to manipulate it to how he wants.

He explained to us that his art work can be very dangerous. Since his work requires heating, it requires him to wear a heavy duty leather jacket and gloves. Hot materials can spark and can be potentially dangerous. Matthew told us about a time when the sparks flew into his socks. This is why proper material is important. He also showed us his scars from his art work which were pretty cool!

Most of his inspiration is from home, but they are mainly from inner emotions. He creates art based off what is on his mind. He usually begins with meditation then then acts upon an emotion and this is when the process starts, then repeats.

He really likes the mechanical aspect of his art. He enjoys making pieces move. This is the first gallery where we are able to touch and interact with the piece itself, which sets him apart from the rest. His worked can range from two hours to two days. What he likes most about his artwork is the fine lines that are created by using LED lights. He says he likes the “crisp lighting”.
Matthew Dumpit does not have social media or a website image

imageto display his artwork.

Week 10: Student Interview- Grace Kim

This past week, I interviewed a lovely classmate, her name is Grace Kim. She is from Los Angeles. This is her last semester here at Cal State Long Beach. She is majoring in Chinese and is planning on going to study for her masters in China. She wants to deal with international relations and business. Her favorite color is pink and her favorite food is a burrito place in San Diego. For fun, she likes to hangout alone, sit in a cafe or she enjoys playing the guitar. She also likes going out for walks in the evening.
If you would like to know more about her, visit her page!