Week 5: Deep Ethnography

What was human life like before electricity and the light bulb is a very broad question. It was different way back then, whereas now, if we had a blackout, I’m sure we would all go crazy. From my personal experience…well, I almost went crazy. I did this experiment in my room. I put my phone on silent in a drawer so I wouldn’t be tempted to use it. I lite a candle in my room and sat on the floor. I felt so antsy because I felt as if I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t have enough light to paint my nails, or do my homework, because that would require my laptop. I felt like I was wasting away an evening. My last resort was to go to sleep early that night. I can’t even begin to think how our ancestors survived haha. Then again, they didn’t know cell phones, let alone a light bulb. I feel it was more doable back then, than it is now for all of us. I will admit, once in a blue moon when there are blackouts in our neighborhood and it is totally unexpected, it’s fun when you are with family or friends and have to light up candles. When you are completely alone, you will get antsy and get very very bored. Overall, interesting experience. image


Week 4: Artist Interview

This week, I found an amazing artist! His work was so awesome and I absolutely loved it! Just like I’ve said in my past posts.. I enjoy mysterious and spooky and this art work was just my cup of tea. This incredible artist is David De Mendoza, he is from Santa Monica. He chooses to collaborate with another artist names Vanessa. They both came up with their paintings together but Vanessa does the psychological aspect of it. When they started three years ago, it was just pen work, gradually it evolved into paining with oils. He tells us that there are no true meanings to his work, he just finds it creepy. His nightmares create his art work, it’s based on manifested fears that he has had. His favorite piece happens to be my favorite too, the creepy babies, it took him the longest to do. So far, best work by far. Follow him on Facebook… David De Mendoza image


Week 4: Spray Painting

Well this assignment was very different for me. I always thought spray painting on walls or anything else is considered “graphitti” but as an art, and painting where it is legal, is actually fun. Personally, I have enjoyed other projects more but I had fun trying to write my name in letters. I got a piece of plywood, and wrote my name, it was harder than I anticipated because I am not an artist and feel I don’t have the proper hand coordination for it. However, the spray paint made it easier than a paper and pencil. I painted with my good friend Aiyat and we both enjoyed had lots of fun! image



Week 4: Student Interview

This week at the art gallery, I interviewed Rosario Fino. She is 20 years old, third year at Cal State Long Beach, and is originally from Palm Springs, which I thought was so cool! She is majoring in child development but also wants to pursue a Masters in social work. During her free time, she enjoys sleeping, watching Netflix and going to the beach. When I asked her if art mattered, she said yes that it mattered because you can express yourself through art and you can do so much with it. I agree because expressing yourself is one of the best feelings and it can feel great to relieve a weight off your shoulders. Follow her on her blog rosariofino94@wordpress.com image

Week 3- Interview with Artist

On Thursday, at the CSULB art gallery, we looked at everyone’s work. We had a choice, they were all amazing pieces, but these creatures, by Nick Bamford really stood out to me. Why? Because of one word: mystery. I see these sculptures and they are so mysterious, their expression in their face, the way they arw shaped. You can tell so much about one piece, and the best part
Is that there is no wrong answer, because you can interpret art however you perceive it. Nick is seemingly shy, yet approachable. He was able to answer all of our questions about his pieces. He told us that he focuses on an escape when he begins to sculpt. Through art, he is able to challenge himself and explore his capabilities. He added by saying that once he begins to sculpt, it then becomes an obsession where he can’t stop until it’s finished. He creates his sculptures from cement, plaster and stabilized clays. What was very shocking to hear was that each of his sculptures took him 1-2 days to complete. I felt privileged to be able to talk to such a dedicated and inspirational artist like Nick. Check out his Instagram page for more of his work! Nickbamf4d image



Week 3- Instagram Activity

This weeks assignment was to post four pictures in one day on Instagram…yeah kinda breaking the one picture per day rule. For this reason… I made a seperate Instagram, no only for that one day, but I am thinking I will keep
It for the semester so I can post my art projects I complete throughout this course. I followed my family so they can also see how creative I can get. I am on art__110, as for my REAL Instagram is star_meza. We all created a hashtag, #art110f15, it was very cool seeing what people did throughout the day. I noticed some in common, such as, an ac- because this heatwave is crazzzzy. Also I noticed food- imagewho doesn’t like good food?? I also got to see what people did during their leisure time, swimming, getting pedicures (me) or reading or Netflix. Overall I think was assignment was awesome.

Week 3- Student Interview

This is my beautiful good friend, Aiyat Abdelhady. She is Egyptian and Mexican which I think is an awesome combination haha. Aside from English, she speaks Spanish and Arabic. She is a third year here at Cal State Long Beach and

Our workout class!
Our workout class!

imageis studying child development to pursue a teaching career. We went to high school together, so we go way back. She enjoys hanging out with friends and her boyfriend. She lives in the city of Downey, like me, and she works at Bobaloca. We are both workout buddies and enjoy double dating with our boyfriends. She is actually a great artist and can draw way better than me! In her own words; “I believe that art is something that someone imagines, art is someone’s imagination. Someone’s way of expressing themselves in whatever aspect it may be. Someone’s way of letting out their problems, their views in life, their values, etc. Art can be interpreted in many different ways, it can be something foolish to some people and it can be somebody’s whole world.” I agree with her because I think that art is the best therapy.

If you want to read more about her, here is her website https://aiyatabdelhady.wordpress.com

Plaster Casting Activity

My experience doing this activity was beyond AMAZING! I was up North in Santa Maria with my friends for the weekend and I went to one of the beaches here. Yes, people were starring at me oddly carrying an orange bucket haha. Anyway, this was so fun, my friends enjoyed helping me and so did my friends parents. I’ve never done something like this, it was so awesome! My friends mom is now going to put my hand sculpture in her backyard for decoration. I loved this art project!

P.S- Some fingers were broken in the making and now it looks kinda funky, if you know what I mean.. Ha