Week 3- Instagram Activity

This weeks assignment was to post four pictures in one day on Instagram…yeah kinda breaking the one picture per day rule. For this reason… I made a seperate Instagram, no only for that one day, but I am thinking I will keep
It for the semester so I can post my art projects I complete throughout this course. I followed my family so they can also see how creative I can get. I am on art__110, as for my REAL Instagram is star_meza. We all created a hashtag, #art110f15, it was very cool seeing what people did throughout the day. I noticed some in common, such as, an ac- because this heatwave is crazzzzy. Also I noticed food- imagewho doesn’t like good food?? I also got to see what people did during their leisure time, swimming, getting pedicures (me) or reading or Netflix. Overall I think was assignment was awesome.


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