Week 3- Interview with Artist

On Thursday, at the CSULB art gallery, we looked at everyone’s work. We had a choice, they were all amazing pieces, but these creatures, by Nick Bamford really stood out to me. Why? Because of one word: mystery. I see these sculptures and they are so mysterious, their expression in their face, the way they arw shaped. You can tell so much about one piece, and the best part
Is that there is no wrong answer, because you can interpret art however you perceive it. Nick is seemingly shy, yet approachable. He was able to answer all of our questions about his pieces. He told us that he focuses on an escape when he begins to sculpt. Through art, he is able to challenge himself and explore his capabilities. He added by saying that once he begins to sculpt, it then becomes an obsession where he can’t stop until it’s finished. He creates his sculptures from cement, plaster and stabilized clays. What was very shocking to hear was that each of his sculptures took him 1-2 days to complete. I felt privileged to be able to talk to such a dedicated and inspirational artist like Nick. Check out his Instagram page for more of his work! Nickbamf4d image




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