Week 3- Student Interview

This is my beautiful good friend, Aiyat Abdelhady. She is Egyptian and Mexican which I think is an awesome combination haha. Aside from English, she speaks Spanish and Arabic. She is a third year here at Cal State Long Beach and

Our workout class!
Our workout class!

imageis studying child development to pursue a teaching career. We went to high school together, so we go way back. She enjoys hanging out with friends and her boyfriend. She lives in the city of Downey, like me, and she works at Bobaloca. We are both workout buddies and enjoy double dating with our boyfriends. She is actually a great artist and can draw way better than me! In her own words; “I believe that art is something that someone imagines, art is someone’s imagination. Someone’s way of expressing themselves in whatever aspect it may be. Someone’s way of letting out their problems, their views in life, their values, etc. Art can be interpreted in many different ways, it can be something foolish to some people and it can be somebody’s whole world.” I agree with her because I think that art is the best therapy.

If you want to read more about her, here is her website https://aiyatabdelhady.wordpress.com


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