Week 4: Artist Interview

This week, I found an amazing artist! His work was so awesome and I absolutely loved it! Just like I’ve said in my past posts.. I enjoy mysterious and spooky and this art work was just my cup of tea. This incredible artist is David De Mendoza, he is from Santa Monica. He chooses to collaborate with another artist names Vanessa. They both came up with their paintings together but Vanessa does the psychological aspect of it. When they started three years ago, it was just pen work, gradually it evolved into paining with oils. He tells us that there are no true meanings to his work, he just finds it creepy. His nightmares create his art work, it’s based on manifested fears that he has had. His favorite piece happens to be my favorite too, the creepy babies, it took him the longest to do. So far, best work by far. Follow him on Facebook… David De Mendoza image



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