Week 5: Deep Ethnography

What was human life like before electricity and the light bulb is a very broad question. It was different way back then, whereas now, if we had a blackout, I’m sure we would all go crazy. From my personal experience…well, I almost went crazy. I did this experiment in my room. I put my phone on silent in a drawer so I wouldn’t be tempted to use it. I lite a candle in my room and sat on the floor. I felt so antsy because I felt as if I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t have enough light to paint my nails, or do my homework, because that would require my laptop. I felt like I was wasting away an evening. My last resort was to go to sleep early that night. I can’t even begin to think how our ancestors survived haha. Then again, they didn’t know cell phones, let alone a light bulb. I feel it was more doable back then, than it is now for all of us. I will admit, once in a blue moon when there are blackouts in our neighborhood and it is totally unexpected, it’s fun when you are with family or friends and have to light up candles. When you are completely alone, you will get antsy and get very very bored. Overall, interesting experience. image


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