Week 6- Artist Interview- Alice Andreini

This weeks artist, Alice Andreini had a wonderful story behind her paintings and had amazing art work. She talked a lot about her inspiration being her mothers garden. She’s was an avid gardener, who lived in Minnesota. One day her mother was so sick so Alice began to help her garden. This is when she became inspired. All her pieces took different time frames, her very first piece, with army figurines took several months, and after a while, she began getting a hang of how to paint. She paints with oils, mainly on campus. She love painting with oils, also likes guauche, which is a water base medium unlike water color it is still pint it has a feeling of oil, and dries quicker. She is majoring in contemporary drawing and painting. She got serious about painting 5 years ago. She also said she has always had kind of an artist background because she was a theatre designer for two years. What was very interesting were how she would draw army figurines, she got the idea from when her mom would dig up dirt in her garden, and army figurines would get dug up.
Alice feels that art is a privileged activity. I agree with her because to be able to draw, you have to invest time and have a passion and grow a commitment for it.
Unfortunately.. She does not have social media displaying her art work.


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