Week 7- Artist Convo- Jane Weibel

This week, I interviewed Jane. She is 30 years young and she is studying ceramics at CSULB and needs one more year to complete her program. She lives in Downtown Long Beach. Her inspiration for art was one I had never heard. She gets her inspiration from her childhood memories. She based off her 3D art work off pictures, as she pulls memories from other memories in her childhood. Through her artwork, she is able to alleviate some Tension and anxiety she has from past experiences. After one of her family members passed away from Alzheimer’s, she has been trying to cope with it and it is not easy. She likes working with ceramics Because she is able to shape it and manipulate how she wants and then it becomes permanent. I learned that some objects in her art work are actually hers! Example; the shoes and her dresses from when she was little. She says that The Objects are very real and tangible and she knows they existed. She usually works in batches, one batch will take her about a week or two. Her show at the Art gallery took her about 2 months. When she was a teenager, she moved away from her creativity. In her early 20’s, she decided to go back into art and soon after she found herself studying art.
She was a truly inspirational artists for me because she was able to open up to us, especially about her family. What she wants people to get out of her artwork is for people to reflect on their own memories and cherish back on their childhood and appreciate it. To see more of her work on Instagram @janemargarette

image image image


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