Week 9: Artist Conversation- Maccabee Shelley

Out all the galleries this week, even before walking through the door, this one caught my attention. The art looks so fascinating and so delicate. Through hearing him talk about his art work, I really got to understand how truly passionate he is about his art work. He takes his art work very serious, especially because it can be very dangerous. His art work is made up of recycled bottles that he finds. Shelley explained that when using glass beyond its measure can be very dangerous, especially when heating to manipulate it how you want.

As a kid, Shelley never thought that art would be his thing. As he went on in high school, he quickly began to notice how he would only receive A’s in his art classes and the rest of the subjects he didn’t do so well in. In 2010 is when he began to give his 100% in art. He began with ceramics 8 or 9 years ago. Soon after he discovered working with glass and began creating more opportunities to make more art.

This being his third gallery showing, he told us that he enjoys putting his art up for display. He explained that once the art is made, it is then up to him to play with his art work and figure out where to place his art. He also likes to do themes and add in objects. For example, for this art show, he had a lot of brief cases, all in which he found at thrift shops. When it comes to doing art, he says that he doesn’t plan to make something, he says it just naturally happens, and once he has created something, it causes an immediate snow ball affect to create other pieces.

He told us that he never really anticipated to be an artist, let alone pursue an art major, yet his parents always saw it in him.
What I liked most was how he never has a strict vision of how he wants things, he just starts and it takes off from there.
Check out his website for more awesome art work http://www.maccabeeshelley.com/about/





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