Week 10: Artist Interview- Matthew Dumpit

This week at the galleries, this particular artist stood out. Matthew Dumpit creates art work like I had never really seen before. He is a senior here at Long Beach. His art is really neat and clean cut. All his work is made out of metal and wire. He likes that he is able to manipulate it to how he wants.

He explained to us that his art work can be very dangerous. Since his work requires heating, it requires him to wear a heavy duty leather jacket and gloves. Hot materials can spark and can be potentially dangerous. Matthew told us about a time when the sparks flew into his socks. This is why proper material is important. He also showed us his scars from his art work which were pretty cool!

Most of his inspiration is from home, but they are mainly from inner emotions. He creates art based off what is on his mind. He usually begins with meditation then then acts upon an emotion and this is when the process starts, then repeats.

He really likes the mechanical aspect of his art. He enjoys making pieces move. This is the first gallery where we are able to touch and interact with the piece itself, which sets him apart from the rest. His worked can range from two hours to two days. What he likes most about his artwork is the fine lines that are created by using LED lights. He says he likes the “crisp lighting”.
Matthew Dumpit does not have social media or a website image

imageto display his artwork.


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