Week 11: Activity- Fiber Art

image imageThis week, we experimented with fiber art. It is something that is very hands on, and something I had not heard of. I really had no idea what to do. As I was in my room looking at my jewelry, alight bulb lite up in my head. I though to myself, I have so many tangled necklaces, why not hang them?

So, I decided to be resourceful, some may call it ‘tacky’ but I think its great. Now, of course, as time goes by, I will buy the proper supplies needed to make this really work. This is my first draft in the making. I got a key chain ring and used really strong string, it is a little different than sewing string. I then needed a stick, instead of using a pencil, I used a long rubber eraser. I used it because I liked the colors. I soon realized it will not work out because it is rubber and will bend with the weight of my necklaces. I then began to hang my light necklaces and hung it on my wall!

I of course, did not get the results I expected because I would like to hang more necklaces, therefore, I need a sturdy stick to do so. I will keep the white string because I like how it blends in with the wall. Before doing this, I would have never seen this activity as a form of art. Now that I see it hanging on my wall, I look at it and am very proud of my artwork!


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