Week 11: Artist Interview- Kathy Yoon

image image image imageThis week at the art galleries, I chose Kathy’s art work. As i was walking around taking pictures of her artwork, I got a sense of variety emotions. I was looking forward to interviewing her to know her inspiration. Kathy transferred from Cypress College, she is now on her last semester here at Cal State Long Beach, and is majoring in ceramics. She would like to work in an animation studio designing different characters.

Her main inspiration comes from her inner emotions. As I read her typed paper on the wall in the gallery, I sensed a lot of emotion. She cussed and used strong words to express herself, I sensed she was angry and sent a powerful message. Kathy creates little characters, she was inspired by Tim Burton, so her pieces have a hint of creepiness to them.

Each piece has a different message. There as one character that was cradling their heart, made our of yearn, I felt that they were protecting their heart with all their might, before I fell in love, that’s exactly what i did. As i physically could not cradle my heart that way, I still related to that piece. Another interesting one was, one character had their head between their heads, almost doing a summer salt. That can mean many different things to people. For me, it meant confusion. another one that I can relate to, they had their head leaned against the wall. Often times, that is exactly what I want to do. lean my head against the wall when I feel like all else has failed.

Her art work is made up mainly of ceramics and yarn. Each piece normally takes between 2-3 weeks. The process goes from coiling clay, to putting it into a kilt of 2,000 degrees to bake, almost like baking a cookie, except hotter. She explained to us that it takes a lot of balancing and technical work for each piece. Overall, her artwork was amazing, she has a lot of emotion in which she express through her art, and I feel that it is very alienating to her. Follow her instagram; kathy.c.yoon


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