Week 12: Artist Interview- Christopher Michael Linquata

image image imageThis week at the galleries I saw some amazing figurative art work that I have never seen before. His artwork really stands out from the rest. Chris is a religious icon painter. When he came to Cal State Long Beach, he decided to change painting styles. He is married and is 38 years old and this was his very last show.

To make this show, it took 10 months. He usually works on two pieces at a time. He begins by drawing, once he is done drawing, he then begins to paint. He uses acrylics paint for all his paintings. He explained to us that it takes a lot of thinking while he is drawing. The biggest challenge he faces is making the people blend in with the background so that they do not look like glued on figures.

Most of his inspiration is based off religious views.For example, he has a painting of drunken people asleep. He explained to us that it referred to the drunken people being like Jesus’ saints. All of his painting takes places in the Garden of San Pedro. Many of his paintings took place in Sunken City. He likes painting there because the atmosphere is so calm and peaceful. Chris is a very talented painter and is paintings really left me in awe.

Many of his paintings that were in sunken city were very cool to see because I have been there and it was cool to see how everything in the painting looked the same as it does in person.


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